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As one of the founders of this Foreign Language Center, I am glad to see how it has flourished over time. Even with the notable results we have seen up to date, I know that we still have room for improvements. Please feel free to drop off any comments or ideas for us.

Our website has been constructed to help our students and guests to better understand what our department is all about. You will find useful resources from our website to answer your questions.

First, you can browse through our center's history and learn how it was founded.

Secondly, you can find the types of courses we offer. There is also an important feature here, which is the English schedule of our current semester. Detailed information for each of these contests such as grading criteria and candidate qualification can also be found there.

If you have ever wondered what the best way is to spend your summer vacation, don't hesitate to check out our summer programs! Our study abroad trips to the United Kingdom and the Unites States have been highly praised by those who have joined. You can find comments from those students and even some photos from our trips.

Have you ever been curious about where your foreign English teachers are from and wanted to find out more about them? Here is your chance. Visit the teacher's link and you will find their photos and biographies. You will also find our administration team's information and learn more about us.

I hope that after visiting our website, you will have a thorough understanding on what we do and offer to our students at Yanping.

Sincerely, Michelle Xiao

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