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English Movie

The focus of this course is to immerse students into American culture by giving students the experience to watch, understand, analyze, discuss and write about movies in class.

The movies will be shown in English subtitles. In-class discussions will be entirely in English. Handouts will be given to each of the films shown in class. Students will need to familiarize themselves with the plots, characters and details regarding these movies. Moreover, students will learn to use everyday language shown in these movies by learning to use the vocabularies featured. They will also be given speaking and writing exercises. Speaking exercises consist mainly of dialogues and interviews. Writing exercises will comprise of reviews, critiques, and various opinionated writing assignments. Other forms of writing may be assigned as fit by the teacher.

Movies are chosen by the teacher, and no "R" rated films will be shown.

Grades will be based on in-class performance (speaking and writing), homework assignments, participation, and adherence to class rules. Participation is heavily emphasized, for a student must speak in front of the class about his or her opinion or observation. Students need to bring pens or pencils, paper, notebook and a folder to class. Handouts need to be neatly kept in the folder. A final exam will be given. It will be based on the lectures taught throughout the course.

Course Description

The principle of the course design is to enhance skills of English listening, reading, speaking and writing though movie watching. This course includes class instruction of movies and some reading and writing assignments. Major listening and speaking activities include watching movies with English captions only and in-class discussion. Major reading activities include reading a summary of the plot, a list of the major characters, and an extensive glossary of vocabulary words that appear in the movies and various cultural references. Major writing activities include writing a summary of the movie.

Performance Objectives:

  1. Complete all required assignments.
  2. Participate in peer discussion.
  3. Answer questions about films shown in class.
  4. Pass the final test so as to demonstrate what has been learned from this course

Teaching Materials

  1. Pride And Prejudice.
  2. Movies.
  3. Hand-outs provided in class.

Grading Criteria

  1. In-class participation and Attendance : 30%
  2. Assignments or oral reports: 20%
  3. Paper: 20%
  4. Final exam: 30%

For the Students:

  1. Regular attendance is mandatory. All absences must be documented and explained. Each absence without formal documents means to take away 10 points from your final grade. Students with 4 absences no matter what reasons will fail the course, though they still have the right to attend classes. Being late twice = being absent once. So, don’t be late!
  2. Participation points will be based on how involved students get with all kinds of classroom activities, such as pair work, group discussion, and role-play.
  3. No make-up will be offered if you miss any quiz.
  4. No late homework will be accepted.
  5. Be active in class, and extra points will reward to good learners in class.
  6. At the end of the semester, a student is supposed to write a paper about a movie or movies. Explain what he/she read and learned, and make a summary of the movie(s).
  7. Students sit in assigned seats to be responsible for the conditions of the chair and desk.

For the Teacher:

  1. The movies selected should be carefully assessed.
  2. Look for helpful background, discussion questions, projects, from books or the Internet.
  3. Lesson plans should be made before class. Discussion questions, class projects can be copied from the Internet and pasted onto word processing files, edited to suit the needs of the class, and then reproduced as an assignment sheet or classroom handout.
  4. Vocabulary, spelling lists and important quotes should be provided for students.
  5. Assign films to be viewed outside of class, either at home with students' families, or with groups of other students.
    Focus on one particular film and, at the beginning of a grading period, give students four or five choices and require that they watch and report on one or more of them. Parents can be asked to watch and discuss films with their children.
  6. The written work required of the students can be a few sentences, a journal kept throughout the semester, or a major report.
  7. Not more than four Movies are to be shown in class and they should serve as the focus for class discussions and assignments.
  8. Save five minutes for students to clean the classroom.
  9. Check the roll and bring it back to the center after class.
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