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GEPT The General English Proficiency Test

The principle of the course design is to train and develop skills of English listening, reading, speaking and writing. It aims to provide extra practice in a variety of activities to enhance students' ability in taking GEPT of various levels.

This includes class instruction from a textbook and some reading and writing assignments. Major listening projects include in-class listening and broadcast English. Major reading projects include skimming, scanning, structure of texts, author’s viewpoint, and summarizing. Major speaking projects include answering questions in the format of GEPT ones and group speaking activities. Major writing projects include grammar skills, sentence making, and simple paragraph writing.

Course Goals

Students who complete elementary level (two semesters) should be able to Understand and use rudimentary language needed in daily life.

  1. In listening, he/she can understand simple conversation.
  2. In reading, he/she can understand simple written English related to daily life. He/she can read street signs, shop sings, simple menus, schedules, and greeting cards.
  3. In writing, he/she can write simple sentences and paragraphs, such as those used in postcards, memos, and greeting cards. He/she can fill out forms and use simple written English to describe or explain topics related to daiily life.
  4. In speaking, he/she can read aloud simple passages and give a simple self-introduction. He/she can engage in simple dialogue in situations with which he/she is familiar, including greetings, shopping, and asking for directions. To sum up, his/her English ability is roughly equivalent to that of a junior high school student.

Performance Objectives

  1. Complete all required reading and writing assignments.
  2. Participate in peer discussion.
  3. Answer questions in the book prescribed and handouts given.
  4. Pass the final test so as to demonstrate what has been learned from this course.


  1. A Textbook with CD.
  2. Hand-outs provided in class.

Grading Criteria

  1. In-class participation and Attendance: 40%
  2. Assignment and extensive reading project: 30%
  3. Final exam or project: 30%

Points to be noticed

  1. Regular attendance is mandatory. All absences must be documented and explained. For each absence without formal documents, we will take away 10 points from your final grade. Students with 4 absences no matter what reasons will fail the course, though they still have the right to attend classes. Being late twice = being absent once. So, don’t be late!!
  2. Participation points will be based on how involved students get with all kinds of classroom activities, such as pair work, group discussion, and role-play.
  3. No make-up will be made if you miss any quiz.
  4. No late homework will be accepted.
  5. Be active in class, and extra points will reward to good learners in class.
  6. At the end of the semester, a student will be qequired to write a paper about the course. Explain what he/she read, what took place, what he/she learned, and make a comment on the project.
  7. Save five minutes for students to clean the classroom. Check the roll and bring it back to the center after class.
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