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Although English is still commonly acknowledged as the dominant language in the international community today, the school recognized the need to offer other foreign languages, since they are also gaining momentum and popularity. Our center's goal is to allow students to have the opportunity to enhance their foreign language skills; thereby we may cultivate the youth for our country. We also hope that students can enjoy interactions with foreign teachers, learn effectively and yet have a good time in class.

In August of 1999, the Foreign Language Section was founded. Prior to that, it was part of the Office of Academic Affairs. The foreign language section began its operation in September of the same year.

After a few years of hard work and dedication, the effort was becoming apparent. Thus, we have increased our staff. In March of 2003, the section expanded into the Foreign Language Center. We wish to increase the depth of our teaching and to offer a better environment for our students. With the addition of our center, we hope to create a variety of courses and offer a niche to the school. In this way, we aim to broaden our students' horizons and connect ourselves seamlessly to the international community.

The following are the strengths of our foreign language education at the school. Our Chinese English teachers not only possess excellent experience in teaching, but also have the willingness to answer any of the students' questions. The materials teachers use are up-to-date, and the school often introduces brand new topics and concepts.

Years of teaching has shown spectacular results. Our students have repeatedly scored exceedingly high on entrance examinations; and we have often won prizes among school competitions.

In order to enhance our students' listening and speaking abilities in English, the school hired native speaking foreign teachers to teach English conversation classes. Grade 7 and 8 have one-hour classes twice a week, while Grade 9,10, 11 and 12 have one-hour classes once a week. Each class is split into half in order to create smaller class size and to enhance efficacy. The Foreign English teachers instruct in their native European or North-American teaching styles. They help to open another door to understand other cultures. Under their friendly and yet rigorous discipline, students gradually learn to be more punctual, more expressive, wittier, and even more outgoing.

Under the influence of these teachers, our students can learn quickly. In such an ideal learning environment, we long to see that all of our students will speak and write fluently in English.

We are offering classes in Japanese, French, and Spanish.

Perhaps in the future, we can accommodate even more students. Our purpose here is to expose students to different countries, cultures and languages so they can increase global awareness and open up their minds. We hope our teaching here will create a new landmark for English teaching in Taiwan and our students will create history!

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