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English Recitation Contest

The purpose of this contest is to increase students’ knowledge of English pronunciations and intonations, and to develop a better basis for conversing in English.

The focus of English Recitation Contest is on precise, natural, fluent and expressive speech in English. Prior to the contest, a conversation or a piece of poetry will be given to the students. Please prepare yourselves before the contest. Take note that the way you express conversation and poetry differ substantially. During the contest, the contestant should use the best pronunciation and appropriate volume to read out loud in a natural manner. The projection of voice should be moderate, and the use of a microphone is forbidden. Body language is considered though not overly emphasized.


allows students to improve their pronunciation and lays the foundation for spoken English.


  1. Emphasize standard pronunciation and correct intonation.
  2. Prior to the contest, students will be given readings, conversations, or poems so that they can be fully prepared.
  3. Conversations and poems should have different forms of expression.
  4. Contestants are not allowed to use microphones and should adjust their vocal presentation accordingly.
  5. Body language will be considered although is not over-emphasized.

Time and place

  1. Approximately one month after each semester begins.
  2. Language Labs or A/V Room.


  1. 7th and 10th grade students, except those who have lived abroad for more than 4 months.
  2. Participation is compulsory and every class must have one representative.

Judging Criteria

  1. Pronunciation 30%
  2. Intonation 30%
  3. Skill 30%
  4. Body language 10%


Both Chinese and native speaking English teachers will be on the panel of judges.


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