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Honors Classes

Honors classes are intensive, advanced-level English courses held on Friday afternoons from 4:50pm-6:30pm. Grade 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 students displaying exceptional English abilities are encouraged to participate. A maximum of twenty students are allowed to enroll in this course. The minimum number of students per class is fifteen.


Our purpose is to cultivate and develop English ability of our gifted students. By doing so, we wish to contribute to our society since English is an eminent global language and an indispensable communication tool in almost every field. We hope by laying down the right foundation for these students, they will achieve higher goals and aspirations. Secondly, we would like to develop our students’ English speaking ability through a variety of methods like drama, writing, and newspaper editing. Honors classes include drama, speech and debate and are taught by foreign english teachers.

Recruitment Method

  1. All of our students are qualified as candidates to be admitted into special courses at the Foreign Language Center.
  2. The size of our class is determined by the students’ response upon registration.
  3. Classes are ability-based, not dependant on grade levels.
  4. Admission test is made up of two parts: preliminary test and oral test.
  5. Exemption from special class admission tests is offered to those who have proven their ability. This includes competent scores in GEPT (Intermediate level for juniors, and advanced level for seniors), and first-prize winners of English speech and writing competitions.
  6. Enthusiasm and good performance throughout the course is mandatory. Those who do not comply will be asked to drop the class.
  7. Absence from this class will be recorded and reported to the Office of Student Affairs. If you must be absent, you need to give advanced notice to your teacher and undergo the right procedure. Four unexcused absences from the class will result in automatic drop-out from the class.
  8. Honors classes are held during 9th and 10th period of every Friday, for two semesters.
  9. Classes will be taught in the language labs, B06 - B08.
  10. Students will enjoy priority status in representing our school at inter-school competitions..
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