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English Speech Contest

Allows students to improve their oral presentation skills in an impromptu situation.


  1. Emphasize standard pronunciation and correct intonation.
  2. Five minutes prior to the contest, students will be given either a picture or picture sequence to prepare.
  3. Contestants are not allowed to use microphones and should adjust their vocal presentation accordingly.
  4. Body language is an important factor and will be awarded points.

Time and place

  1. Approximately one month after each semester begins.
  2. Language Labs or A/V Room.


  1. 8th and 11th Grade students. Students will be divided into 2 groups: first, class representatives and second, overseas Chinese student volunteers.
  2. Participation is compulsory for the first group and every class must have one representative. Participation for the 2nd group is optional.

Judging Criteria

  1. Pronunciation 20%
  2. Articulation 30%
  3. Skill 30%
  4. Body language 20%


Both Chinese and native speaking English teachers will be on the panel of judges.


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