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English Spelling Contest

The purpose of the English Spelling Contest is to encourage students to understand and memorize as many English words as possible. Students from grade 7, 8, 10 and 11 are welcome to participate in this contest. No more than three students per class may enter the competition.

Participants will first enter a preliminary screening test. The first round of the spelling contest requires students to take a written test. The test will test on both the meanings and correct spellings. Some of the meanings may be given in Chinese in the form of multiple choice questions.

Roughly half of the students will pass the first round of screening and enter the semi-final round. It will be a timed competition where words will be read by a foreign teacher. The contestants must write down both the English spelling and the Chinese meaning of the specific word. The first contestant who scores 15 is declared as the first-prize winner. The next three contestants will win the honor of second-prize, while the following five will be given third-prize. Two Chinese English teachers will verify the English spelling and the Chinese meaning of the words.

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