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English Writing

Grade 12 students are enrolled in this writing course to enhance their writing skills. It also serves as a preparation for their college entrance exams. Foreign English teachers will teach them basic composition concepts and tips, while students get to practice by writing four in-class compositions.

The teachers will grade these compositions and discuss the common mistakes or exceptional writings.

The grade distribution is 20% for each of the four compositions, and 20% for daily performance. Compositions are graded based on five aspects, just like the college entrance exam: They are: Content (5), Organization (5), Grammar (4), Word Usage (2), and Punctuation (2). A perfect score constitutes twenty.

Areas Covered in Writing Class:

  • Understanding and making the most effective use in writing sentences and paragraphs.
  • The most important punctuation, grammar, syntax and spelling rules.
  • How to assemble, shape and organize ideas.
  • Achieving simplicity, consistency and clarity.
  • Layering: how to make the most important points appear as such.
  • Self-editing and streamlining.
  • Writing under time-pressure.
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